When creating my artwork, it can be sometimes painful as I have to dive into the depths of trauma and translate the works into an artistic language of contemplation and reflection.  On the other hand, it is a meditation process of opening my heart to the outer world and connecting with viewers through the brushstrokes, lines and colours to express moods and emotions.    

My creation is mainly inspired by surrealism’s dream-like scenes, mythic imagery and symbolism as an expression of humans’ unconscious minds and inner feelings, while embracing the aesthetics of postmodernism.   My art practice takes various forms and medium from paintings to photography intended to draw in the viewers and evoke one’s perceptions, perspectives and assumptions.    

I hope my works are subtle, poetic, and yet critical to infiltrate the systems of meanings, invite viewers to listen to their inner emotions and examine their own state.  If we can bravely face the painful reality, we can feel that we are healed somehow.